Security B-sides London 20/04/11 field report

Adrien Kunysz, Fri, 23 Apr 2011 18:55:30

The first London edition of Security B-sides took place this week. I heard about it a few weeks ago but it was already fully booked and I just though I would keep an eye on it for the next edition. Two days before the event I ended up getting a ticket through a side channel (I still owe a few beers to that guy) and I managed to take the day off.

General notes:

Talks I attended:

This was followed by a mass migration to the monthly DC4420 meeting where I got to announce I found a job, mu-b made fun of the sat-card sharing "community" and Steve Lord didn't show his penis. Excellent as usual.

Next cons in the agenda: Solutions Linux (only because they accepted my talk proposal; still not sure why) and the Chaos Communication Camp (whose call for participation ends on May 1st, better send something quick).

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